Introducing the DPx HEST/F Urban Titanium First Run.

DPx Gear is proud to announce the upgraded production version of the knife born from our wildly successful Kickstarter project. Our first all US sourced and manufactured, no shortcuts folding knife.

The DPx Gear HEST/F (Hostile Environment Survival Tool/Folding) Urban takes all the beefiness and durability of the HEST family and delivers it in a compact, under three-inch blade. A heirloom quality folder that will find itself in the pockets of those who appreciate American quality, engineering, materials and finish.

The initial design was limited to 100 units and launched on Kickstarter. The run quickly sold out. Over a year later after customer input and use around the world and refinements has resulted in the first production run.

The idea of carefully sourcing and obsessively manufacturing every single part and component, using only the most durable materials is not a task taken lightly by DPx Founder and Designer Robert Young Pelton.

“We not only wanted to keep manufacturing and jobs in America but also raise the satisfaction bar for the owner. A tough knife made without excuses, for a lifetime of use and with the patience to field test it to get it just right. As Pelton says, “I treat my customers like friends and family, all the way from the initial idea to customer service. I don’t’ accept anything less than excellence”.

The knife is estimated to ship August 15th, 2017 and is available for pre-order on for $375, 20% off MSRP of $468.75.