Introducing the Dominator DM870 Airsoft Shotgun  Maintenance Channel.

Dominator™ Maintenace will deliver a wide range of contents that covers from basic assembly and re-assembly to basic maintenace and common problem fix. Dominator™ Tech Team will demonstrate the videos with the simplest and fastest way in order to let us following the instruction step by step easily.

Besides the simple steps in the videos, detailed instruction is also provided for complicated procedures to ensure viewers could do it on their own by following the videos.

DM870 Assembly
This first video will guide us through the DM870 basic assembly after unboxing for the first time and remind us what should be take attention on.

How to Fix DM870 Jammed Bolt Carrier
Jammed bolt carrier is a common problem of DM870. There are two situations of jammed bolt carrier and require two different solutions to tackle the problem

DM870 Basic Maintenance
DM870 features full steel construction and it is required to be well maintain just like real firearms. This video will guide us through how to maintain and lubricate DM870 while before use or not in use

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