Ladies and Gentelmen, here’s the first edition of Direct Action® Product Line Catalogue for 2015, enjoy.

DIRECT ACTION® is a project born from combining great design and manufacturing capabilities with an up-close-and-personal understanding of the specific end-user needs of special operations forces. This combination has created the approach of an individual-asa-system that is open and flexible with all necessary options, yet remains streamlined and avoids over-burdening. Each part of the system interfaces with the other components: weapons, load bearing equipment, backpacks, jackets, duty uniforms and even camouflage pattern – each of these is a part of a whole, and a key component that’s critical to mission success.

When creating DIRECT ACTION® every detail was rigorously thought-out from this system-based perspective – no random choices, no compromises, no “same-old-stuff” design approach, no shying away from new technology – and all based on the firsthand, real world experience of elite special operations units.

To view the Direct Action – Product Line Catalogue 2015 click the cover below.

direct action catalogue cover

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