Die Waffenkultur (german language only) goes over “standard exercise” in this special issue.

There´re a lot of drills you can do to become more comfortable with your gun and even more,… more save while handling it! Muscle memorie is one major key to the human body. Die Waffenkultur brings you a full issue from their magazine which covers in total 22 topics of drills you can practice yourself to become better and or learn something new for your training you maybe never did before.

Interested? Then grab it here: www.waffenkultur.com

Die Waffenkultur Spezialausgabe 38.5Inhalt:
Dot Drill (1)
Rhythmusübung (2)
Dot Torture (3)
½ & ½ Drill (4)
3/3/3/3 (5)
The Test (6)
500 Point Aggregate (7)
Typewriter (8)
Grid of Fire (9)
Light the Fuse (10)
5-sec-Standard (11)
Defoor Proformance Pistol Test #1 (12)
Delta Drill (13)
5/1 Failure Drill (14)
Slide Stop Reload 6/6/6 (15)
4-Position Shoot (16)
Delta-7 Drill (17)
Rifleman (18)
The Humbler (19)
3-6-9 Drill (20)
Double-Distance-Drill (21)
Grid of Fire (Flinte) (22)