The DI Optical  EG1 Red-Dot Sight, a compact Parallax free prism optical system for the AR-15 platform.

DI Optical EG1 Red-Dot Sight3

DI Optical is a provider of sights for heavy machine guns for military forces throughout the world. Based on extensive experience in heavy duty combat optics, DI now introduces new precision aiming solutions for many types of small firearms also. Our mission is to produce the best precision aiming solutions for small firearms and machine guns for the military, law enforcement and outdoor sporting industries.

DI Optical EG1 Red-Dot Sight

DI Optical’s new EG1 prism gunsight provides a parallax free reticle for increased accuracy and rapid target acquisition. The shaded 30mm lens provides a wide, crystal clear field of view. Made out of 6061-T6 aluminum, the compact EG1 is unsurpassed in ruggedness and reliability. The rotary brightness switch can be conveniently operated with a gloved hand.

DI Optical EG1 Red-Dot Sight2


  • Parallax free prism optical system with 30mm lens provides a clear and extra wide field of view
  • Ideal size for the AR rifle platform
  • Easy grip rotary switch for LED brightness control
  • Two glare reducing rubber hoods (Optional)
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Optional quick detachable mounts
  • Passed rigorous MIL-STD 810G durability testing standards to insure the highest quality and reliability
  • Wide adjustment range in both elevation and windage
  • Submersible to 30 feet

About DI Optical

DI Optical has 25 Years of commitment to research and development of rifle sight solutions for small arms and machine guns. Started off as an astronomical telescope manufacturer in 1985, D.I. Optical set its foot in the rifle sight market by manufacturing and exporting telescopic sight solutions since 1990. Leveraging its premier technology and trust relationship, D.I. Optical has supplied ODL products to leading distributors in the US, EU and ASIA.

DI Optical EG1 Red-Dot Sight4

NATO has awarded a machine gun sight supply agreement in recognition of satisfactory test performance after battle-testing machine gun sight models onboard ships and helicopters. DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) of Korea has also adopted the models as ACTD (Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration) products in 2009. D.I.Optical is already exploring dot sights to and negotiating supply arrangements with a number of overseas buyers thanks to its market reputation.

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