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 Definitive Arms launches the  AKX-9 Series, a new line of AKs chambered in 9mm with 4 different versions. Available from Copper Custom Armament and Atlantic Firearms.

Definitive Arms AKX-9C Classic Wood Fixed Stock

AKX-9 Series of semi automatic 9 mm firearms was developed by Definitive Arms to fill the niche in the market for a AK 9 millimeter rifle or pistol. Unlike other attempts to build a 9mm AK, the AKX-9 is a blue print designed gun from the ground up as a dedicated 9 mm firearm. All major components are US made meaning the AKX-9 is not cobbled together using surplus parts kits. The AKX-9 series has been extensively tested over the course of 8 months to insure the highest quality & reliability of the weapon utilizing a wide variety of 9mm ammunition.

Definitive Arms AKX-9R Fixed Stock Rifle


The Firearms are packed full of shooter friendly features like a last round bolt hold open, left side bolt release, drop-free magazines and AR15 type magazine release. The firearm utilizes the Colt style stick mags that are affordable and readily available for less than $20.00. The The AKX-9 barrel is 11.125 inches long with a 1:10 twist & sports a 1/2 x 28 threaded for ease of adding a suppressor or mounting other common 1/2×28 accessories such as flash suppressors. All models of the AKX-9 are easily convertible to being an SBR once a Form 1 is obtained.

Definitive Arms AKX-9S Side Folder

The Custom AKX-9 barrel has a full auto tapered chamber, so it will distort brass slightly, but improves reliability. So in true AK fashion it’s designed around functioning, not pampering brass.The Dedicated AKX Bolt is hardened to optimum hardness per similar specs on Russian AK bolts to insure extreme durability. The buffer weight, pivot/hinge point, and bolt travel distance were carefully tuned for the best balance of optimum reliability and management of recoil for faster follow up shots. The design of the gun was fine tuned to minimize recoil , increase accuracy and work with a wide variety of ammunition on the market. The AKX provides shooters a great combination of features, accuracy and reliability for Home Defense, Tactical or Sporting applications.

Definitive Arms AKX-9P Pistol

Definitive Arms is well known for their high quality builds and is regarded as one of the Top 3 Custom AK Builders in the US. Prior to the AKX-9 they pioneered Mag Well conversions for the Russian VEPR and Saiga series of rifles in .223 & .308 . Based out of Florida the Definitive Arms team focuses on Innovative Enhancements to the AK platform of firearms. They do not crank out mass produced guns. Each gun is hand built one at a time to insure a straight & smooth weapon and they stand behind the products they build.

Available from Copper Custom Armament and Atlantic Firearms

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