Introducing | The Crye StKSS System which is useable with their CPC, Low Profile Blast Belt and AVS Belt.

Crye Precision released a new system which is able to transfer almost all of the weight of an armor carrier to the hips of an operator. Read more about it´s features below.

Structural Kinetic Support System

Our Structural Kinetic Support System (StKSS)™ allows a wearer to selectively transfer some or all of the weight of their armor vest to their hips. EXTENDABLE StKSS™ allow the wearer’s shoulders and spinal column to be completely isolated from the weight being carried.

Structural Kinetic Support System

Instead, the weight is transferred directly to the pelvis (hip bone) and legs. The effect is unmistakable, and the benefit is undeniable to those familiar with what wearing a >50 lbs. vest for months on end does to your lower back.

Use Chassis™ StKSS™ Adapter for compatibility with Chassis™ and High Back Blast Belt™.) Made in the US from US materials.


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