Available for pre-order, the Crown Airsoft Thompson M1A1 GBB

Crown Airsoft is now ready for customers to take their pre-orders for the fully licensed Thompson GBBR. ETA should be around mid December. If you´re still looking for a Christmas gift, maybe you found on now.

Thompson M1A1 GBB

This is a Thompson  M1A1 replica official licensed by Cybergun, Manufactured by WE-Tech Taiwan. Offical trademarks and logo go all over the model as it should be. like the real steel, this is an open bolt action GBB model, which means the bolt will stay backward after every shot. Furthermore, field stripping the Thompson M1A1 replica is also full of fun, it is a model with authentic field stripping steps.

More details >> www.crownairsoft.com/products/thompson-m1a1-gbb