Tactical Medical Solutions Introduces the Critical Event Response System.

Anderson, S.C. (September 2020) – Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC (TacMed), in support of the NFPA 3000™ standard for the preparedness and response to an active shooter/hostile event, introduces the TacMed™ Critical Event Response System.

Active threat events are occurring with greater frequency and loss. These hostile events can occur anywhere: in churches, schools, concerts, workplaces, and many other public venues. NFPA 3000TM guides community leaders in establishing an integrated plan for preparedness, response, and recovery. By combining the four key principles of unified command, integrated response, planned recovery, and whole community, every life that can be saved will be saved during a traumatic event.

The TacMed™ Critical Event Response System provides the necessary equipment for ballistic protection and medical treatment of life-threatening injuries to yourself, another responder, or a casualty on-scene. Standard system set-ups include the TacMedTM Responder Plate Carrier with Soft Armor, Universal Tourniquet Dispenser with SOF® Tourniquets, and a Signature Series Medical Kit. The system meets and exceeds NFPA 3000TM guidelines and can be customized to best fit your specific needs.

The TacMedTM Responder Armor System offers one of the largest armor coverage areas in the industry and is compatible with a variety of soft and hard armor plate options. The Universal Tourniquet Dispenser locates the long-proven SOF® Tourniquet for rapid access. Medical kits are available in multiple configurations to meet your department’s objective: Individual, Medic, Mass Casualty, and Rescue. Medical kit components are stocked in the brand new Signature Series line of nylon with modular internal panels. Many components of the Critical Event Response System have long been trusted by law enforcement agencies around the country and are proudly manufactured in the US.

Free training on both ballistic protection and medical equipment is available through TMS University. For more information on any of the NFPA 3000 TM -compliant TacMed™ Critical Event Response Systems,
Visit: www.tacmedsolutions.com/products/nfpa-3000.