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Australian Army SF – do you have what it takes?

This episode follows the Special Forces Screening Test which is held to choose Australian Army candidates for the Australian Commando Selection Course. The Commandos, like the SASR, are one Australia’s elite Special Forces Regiments. The selection process involves a physical screening test followed by a 6 week selection course.

Candidates who pass selection are not yet Commandos, but begin a 9 month training reinforcement cycle or REO. After completing REO candidates are awarded their Green Beret and are officially Commandos. 8 out of 10 candidates will not succeed. REO includes:

Special Forces Weapons Course;
Advanced Close Quarter Battle Course;
Commando Urban Operations Course;
Close Quarter Fighting Course;
Advanced Marksmanship Course;
Special Forces Demolitions Course;
Special Forces Basic Parachute Course (including water insertion training);
Commando Vehicle Operators Course;
Commando Amphibious Operators Course;
Special Forces Military Roping Course; and
Combat First Aiders Course.

After REO, further commando specific training courses can be undertaken including:

Advanced Driving skills;
Methods of Breaching;
Mortar Operator;
Cold weather / Mountaineering Operator;
Language training;
Military Working Dog Handler; and
Combat Survival.

This is episode 1 of a 4 part series. Episodes 2-4 focus on the REO cycle and further training of commandos. To purchase the DVD for all 4 episodes (without the annoying watermark), and to support the regiment, go to


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