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Here’s the cover of the November issue from Combat and Survival Magazine. This one is on sale in shops worldwide from 9th October! Get a first look at the content below after the cover preview.





  • Special Forces / Kampfschwimmer Carl Schulze photographs Germany’s elite Naval Special Forces on their 50th Anniversary
  • European Forces / Maltese Military Bob Morrison photographs the Armed Forces of Malta on their 40th Birthday and the Republic’s 50th Anniversary
  • Survival / Importance of Fire Jason Polley discusses the benefits, preparation and lighting of a fire
  • NATO Forces / Romanian Armour Carl Schulze follows a Romanian Armoured Battlegroup on their first major exercise in Germany
  • Special Operations / King’s Challenge Bob Morrison brings us more action photos from the elite 6th WARRIOR COMPETITION
  • Kit & Camo / Malta’s Multicam Bob Morrison photographs the AFM’s new British-inspired genuine pattern MultiCam uniform
  • Special Forces / Spec Ops Command Bob Morrison  reports from Amman on an 81st Counter-Terrorist Battalion demonstration
  • Opinion / The Colonel Comments The Colonel now out of uniform gives us his views on what is wrong with the British Army
  • Outdoor / Tried & Tested Mike Gormley trials a mid-layer, a daysack, boots, a watertight phone case and new MultiCam SF jacket & trousers
  • Security / Islamic State Robert Shaw asks: What Now?
  • Logistics / Cadet Direct & Survival Aids Bob Morrison  visits the warehouse of the Sussex suppliers to military forces at home and abroad


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