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Combat Survival Magazine January 2015 Issue


What´s inside this issue:

  • British Forces / Amphibious Engineers Carl Schulze watches the UK’s wide wet gap crossing specialists in action in Germany
  • Vehicle File / M3 ABFE Rig Carl Schulze photographs the Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying Equipment on exercise
  • Armour Focus / Sweden’s CV90 Carl Schulze starts a three-part series on the AIFV used by several of our European Allies
  • Footwear / Factory Visit Bob Morrison tours the HAIX combat boot design and production facility in Bavaria
  • Reserve Forces / Royal Yeomanry Bob Morrison joins the senior Light Cavalry Army Reserve regiment on live fire exercise
  • UK Forces Vehicles / WMIK Wolf [Pt.1] Bob Morrison looks back at the evolution of the Weapons Mount Installation Kit Defenders
  • Kit & Camo / British Army Reservist Bob Morrison photographs a Royal Yeomanry NCO wearing MTP camouflage
  • Footwear / French Army Boots Bob Morrison tries out the new issue Chaussures De Combat Centre Europe brown boot
  • Survival / Shelter Jason Polley discusses the need to find or make shelter in a Survival situation
  • Outdoor Gear / Tried & Tested Mike Gormley trials a tracker, lightweight tent, sleeping bag, energy bars and a food jar
  • Security / Frontline Females Robert Shaw ponders on the controversial topic of women serving in combat roles

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