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Combat & Survival Magazine December 2014 Issue



  • Special Forces / Kommando Spezialkräfte Carl Schulze updates us on Germany’s SAS equivalent and photographs them in action
  • Personal Survival / Kidnap & Escape Bob Shaw discusses preparing for the unthinkable in the modern uncertain world
  • Elite Forces / Airborne Future Benjamin Carter explains how doctrine is being shaped to deliver operational capability
  • Firearms / Armed Forces of Malta Bob Morrison reports on the interesting weapons used by the elite C (Special Duties) Company
  • Footwear / Meindl Equator Bob Morrison gets his feet into the latest generation Gore-Tex laminate desert boots
  • Foreign Forces / China’s PLA Gordon Arthur reports from Hong Kong on the capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army
  • Special Operations / Snow Leopards & PAPF Bob Morrison reports from WARRIOR COMPETITION on the Chinese Spec Ops teams’ triumph
  • Kit & Camo / Lithuanian M05 ‘Jigsaw’ Bob & Carl investigate the woodland pattern camouflage worn by the Iron Wolf armoured brigade
  • Outdoor Gear / Tried & Tested Mike Gormley trials a performance top, folding saw, chronograph, stove, Leatherman and travel mug
  • Security / Russia Robert Shaw ponders whether or not another Cold War may be looming


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