COMBAT Camera is a new photo-essay magazine of very high production standards. It is a stable-mate of and designed to complement CONTACT Air Land & Sea, which is now in its ninth year.
COMBAT Camera will be published twice in 2012 (4 May and 2 November), and expand to four issues in 2013.
COMBAT Camera will source official photos from the Defence forces of Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and others – and will invite soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from any country to submit unofficial materiel.

While COMBAT Camera is published in Australia, it will not be solely focused on Australian military activities. We intend to use a good percentage of foreign materiel, which we believe is equally interesting to Australian readers – but will also make COMBAT Camera attractive to foreign markets.
COMBAT Camera will be carried by the same newsagents as CONTACT.
It will also be available via as an iPad app (but won’t be offered via a free subscription). To buy a subscription now, visit to ensure issue 1 is mailed to you before its official launch on 4 May.
All advertising and editorial contacts for COMBAT Camera are the same as for CONTACT Air Land & Sea – editorial enquiries to and advertising enquiries to – or visit for details.