Cobalt Kinetics to Begin Selling Accessories Starting with Pro Muzzle Brake.

Superior handling and a true competitive advantage are now available in a single AR15 accessory. Minimize recoil and maximize speed and control with the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake.

Our Pro Muzzle Brake measures 3.4″ long by 1″ in diameter and is compatible with any rifle chambered in .22 caliber with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel. The brake has also been treated with an all new ultra-performance Black Lithium-iron surface conversion (or LiFe) that significantly improves the durability and longevity. The LiFe treatment increases the density and hardness of the metal, which not only stiffens the brake, but also reduces friction. And at 3.4” long, the Pro Muzzle Brake also meets the guidelines for multi-gun competition.

The length of the brake has been maximized to increase the amount of time the bullet is in the brake and the size of the exit hole has been minimized to reduce the amount of gas that can overtake the round.

The patent pending design features a symmetrical linear array of spherical baffles and intersecting port channels that dramatically reduce recoil, and any associated “muzzle rise”, by venting the gasses to the sides in a more controlled manner. Gasses are vented at the 3 and 9 O’clock positions eliminating any dust signature and ensuring a more “flat” shooting experience. The symmetrical port design also eliminates the compromising effects of biased or directional porting.

The comparatively smaller exit hole (240-245 thousands of an inch) has shown significant positive scavenging effects, venting more of the excess gas before it passes through the muzzle, where it can affect the trajectory of the bullet. The Pro Muzzle Brake vents gasses away from the round where they can’t affect the trajectory. Both the design and length of the brake combine to provide a dramatic improvement in the overall efficiency and control of any AR15.

The Pro Muzzle Brake is standard on all of our Team rifles and has been successfully used in numerous competitions by the members of the Cobalt Kinetics Shooting Team (Keith Garcia, Kalani Laker and Rick Birdsall). Our Pro Muzzle Brake was also used by Max Leograndis when he took top honors at the 2017 California Bay Area Rifle Challenge. According to the team, a contributing factor to their success and numerous wins is the revolutionary design and performance of the Pro Muzzle Brake.

The efficiency of the design at reducing recoil energy and overall increase in performance make the Pro Muzzle Brake the single best accessory available for improving the performance of your AR-15.

*The Pro Muzzle Brake can also be coupled with our Pro Buffer System (also standard on all Cobalt TEAM rifles) to further improve control, handling and performance. The buffer system will becomes available in the Fall of 2017.