Introducing the Classic Army – Elite Nemesis AEG Series.

The Classic Army Nemesis series of AEGs was designed to give players of any caliber the ultimate tool to take down the opposition. Classic Army took the best parts of the SCARAB line and turned it into your enemies worst nightmare. The Elite Nemesis AEG Series gives you the comfort of a smooth M-LOK compatible rail, but the easy accessibility of picatinny rail sections included in the box. Making it perfect for customization and close quarters to mid range engagements.

Externally, the upper and lower receiver are CNC aluminum to not only give you a super aggressive billet style look, but to make sure that both receivers match up perfectly. The handguard was custom designed in-house by members of Classic Army USA. Towards the back you will see a three (3) position PDW style stock.

Internally, the gun has a 9mm bearing bushing gearbox, a brand new Electronic Control System “ECS”, 6.03mm tightbore barrel, and a TRUE quick change spring system. The ECS not only protects your trigger contacts, but also has a trigger programmable 3 or 5 round burst fire function. It will shoot 375-400 fps using 0.20g BBs and 900-1000 rpm using a 7.4V battery. It has a true quick change spring system that you can access without having to take out the gear box, so that you can quickly and easily upgrade or downgrade your spring to change the power level.

An Experienced Player’s POV: The Classic Army Elite Nemesis DE-10 is a compact gun ready for any situation. It’s tight bore barrel is primed to give you maximum accuracy as you sling plastic downrange with the high torque motor built into this wicked blaster. It’s compact size makes this an incredibly maneuverable gun as well allowing you to remain light weight and swift.

Attachments for this gun can take many forms. It’s Delta series handguard (now in metal) has keymod slots on the bottom, and screw-on panels for the side allowing you to mount picatinny rail mounted accessories. This means you could equip this with all manner of grips, lasers, flashlights and other accessories. A grenade launcher on the bottom could make a very compact and devastating close range cannon out of this airsoft gun as well. Scope-wise, you are looking at primarily red dots and holographic style scopes, though magnified optics definitely wouldn’t be wasted on this guns extreme long range accuracy.


All in all, this gun contains the necessary bones to tune it to any style. As with the other Nemesis line guns, it’s collapsing stock means that a quick spring swap will get you ready for indoor CQB, but it’s primed and ready for outdoor play already. The very unique Delta hand guard will have you looking awesome and feeling comfortable with its clever hand grooves meaning it won’t wear you down during extended outdoor games either. Versatility is the name of the game with the Nemesis guns, as they give you a blank canvas to mold it into the gun of your dreams.