There are many things that you can do to upgrade and improve the performance of your AEG. These options can lead to quite an expensive process which can also leave little improvement in performance. It’s worth understanding the reality of what is possible with your AEG prior to looking at upgrading it. Here are the cheapest upgrades you can do to your AEG to increase performance.


The AEG’s power comes form the battery. Other than having a high capacity, the battery can have a high discharge rate based on the voltage and C rating. The higher the discharge and power output, the more energy the motor has to pull the spring and fire the AEG.

The use of a high voltage battery will however increase the wear and tear of the AEG so it’s worth getting advice from the manufacturer or retailer regarding what battery is recommended.

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The AEG motor is the main muscle in the AEG that is responsible for the beating heart that is the firing of the gun and the fire rate in which it can repeatedly do so. Upgrading the motor can change the characteristics of the AEG quite significantly, whether it be fire rate or trigger response.

There are two options to types of motor that can be used. A high torque motor can increase the speed in which a single shot can be fired as it can move the AEG spring stronger and more consistently. A high speed motor can increase the speed of revolutions for each repeated shot which can increase the fire rate but will not pull the AEG spring as easily (a string spring could slow down or stop the motor from firing the gun).

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Hop Rubber

If you’re looking for more range, the hop rubber is the main part of the AEG that gives the BB range other than the joule power of the spring’s compression when fired. The hardness of the hop rubber is dependent on the weight of BBs used to gain the best distance for your AEG. Normally that is dictated based on the joule power of the AEG.

The varying hardness of hop rubbers and the profiles of how they touch the BB in the hop chamber will lead to varying effects. The harder the hop rubber, the more hop the BB will be given (hardness also helps against temperature changes). The profile of the hop rubber nub will create varying effects of accuracy and consistency but that is a debate for another time.

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