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Centurio Design releases the Stinger Knife and will debut a new knives line at IWA 2016 in Germany.

There are hundreds of folding knives available on the market who are design to carrying as a civilian persone or on-duty as a military or law enforcement officer. Most of the professionals from the military and law enforcement want a knife that a sharp who can cut a seatbelt‘s and to handle basic cutting and prying needs and as a backup weapon while on-duty that he can use to save his life when he cannot get on his gun in a fight, period.

Centurio Design Stinger Knife 2

Civilians like to use a knife as a “Concelment Carry Knife“ for emergency situations. Sturdy Pocket Clip – The Stinger has sturdy pocket clip. One Hand Opening – If you cannot open a knife easily with one hand, there is no way that you can open it with one hand under stress, the Stinger you can open easily with one. Hand Protection – If you use our Stinger Knife as a weapon, your hands are going to get wet with sweat or use it in the rain and this can cause your hand to slip from the grip onto the blade to prevent we have a „Thumb Ramp“, these ramp are usually ridged to give your thumb some traction. This can enhance your grip when thrusting and stabbing.

The Centurio Design new K-Collection
Centurio Design K-Collection

The Centurio Design new K-Collection a knife series for the daily use for outdoor friends but also for professionals. The First Presentation of this new line will be at IWA 2016 at the Centurio Design booth, Hall9, Booth 206.

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