The Cannae Brand of Professional Gear embodies not just this victory, but also the combination of Preparation, Intelligence, Strength and Bravery.

We had a great opportunity to visit the Cannae Pro Gear booth at the British Shooting Show. Cannae Pro Gear is a tactical gear brand focused on creating battle ready, professional gear. Not to forget some focused training on firearms and other courses through Cannae Academy training.

Cannae Pro Gear designs clothing to suit many tactical needs whether it be on the range, in the line of fire or under urban concealment situations. The booth at the British Shooting Show had many backpacks, gun bags and other pieces of clothing on show. Aiming to provide highly durable and functional gear, Cannae has been showcasing many promising products which can only lead to one thing… Spotlight.

Many of the backpacks that are available from the company, have shown qualities to be expected from high quality backpacks from other brands such as 5.11 Tactical and Helikon-Tex. It is nice to see that even Cannae Pro Gear have innovated in unique ways that other brands have failed to show as of yet. Almost every surface inside their backpacks are lined with smooth female hook and loop textures. This allows for modular additions to be attached using hook and loop surfaces to organise and cater the backpack to an individual’s needs.

Once again, the same thing can be said for the 3 gun bags that were on show at their booth. Once again, you can see that even the side panel pockets have hook and loop attachment options and Ready Action quick release holsters for handguns.

It is safe to say that this company has focused it’s design and implementation of these products based on real life situations and catered to the requirements of those who need it most. Many of these products provide for different situations and are designed to be long lasting and durable. Only time will tell how long these products will last.

Alongside the 3 gun bags, Cannae Pro Gear have also shown their ability to redesign their range bags based on the needs of shooting at the range. One very innovative feature to these range bags are the modular firearm matts. These matts are hook and loop backed as well which can allow for even more modularity. These range bags of course come with ammo bags for spent shell casings and other loose items.

The main slot of these range bags allow for compartmentalisation (wow that’s a long word) via the use of dividers. With a very solid and rugged frame, the range bag can hold it’s shape regardless of what items are stored within it. This range bag will protect all its contents even if it were stacked under other bags (with moderation to what weight is being exerted on top of it).

Cannae Pro Gear also provide a range of messenger bags with the same unique features as their other series of bags. It is nice to see that these messenger bags have been designed with relative features and more to assist in making travel much easier. Although not demonstrated, the Viator messenger bag also has a padded back and compartment which allows for attachment to luggage whilst travelling without having to carry it over the shoulder.

It is nice to see the relationship this company has with not only the professional sectors (military, law enforcement) but also with civilian enthusiasts such as Airsofters. Retailers such as Patrol Base have played a key role in market and sale of Cannae Pro Gear in the UK and with great effect have shown trust from brand to customer throughout the purchase cycle.

Of course Cannae Pro Gear is pebble in the sand when it comes to tactical brands available to the public. It is however refreshing to see innovation amongst these brands as it puts the more common and mainstream brands to shame where innovation and design has become stale and branding has become the price tag.