Which is your favorite?

Between the two—Brown Grey and Steel Grey—the colour that’s going to work best for you depends on the environment in which you plan to operate and how you can match it with your other gear. To help you with that task, here’s some intel you ought to know about each colour put together from the good people at UF PRO. Check it out below!


Better known as Ranger Green, this is the most familiar colour in the tactical community—and with good reason. It’s very versatile and works in multiple environments and can also be combined with various camouflage patterns. It has proven for more than a century now to be truly versatile, which is why professional end-users have never stopped singing its praises.

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Optimal for urban environments because most cityscapes are awash in grey elements. Consequently, Steel Grey is excellent at helping operators keep a low profile in metro areas—especially among crowds. Steel Grey is among the newest colours used by operators. BDUs in Steel Grey compliment grey elements such as concrete, which helps operators keep a low profile in crowded urban environments.

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