To the Caffenated people here

Napoleon once said that an Army marches on its stomach – meaning that food is an essential weapon of war. These days it seems that getting good coffee has become just as important as good food and plenty of ammo.

Our friends at Strike-Hold did a nice write-up for you. Enjoy the read and a good cup of coffee too!

However, despite the happy soldier depicted in the famous WWII poster image, most of the “standard-issue” coffee we’ve had to endure at military installations has been a weak, insipid, sorry excuse for the magic elixir. And it only gets worse when transported out to troops in the field – often arriving either cold or over-done. So, some guys have gone to pretty lengthy and extreme ends in order to have a good cup of coffee on deployment, or out in the field.  Harrison Suarez and Michael Haft of Compass Coffee, pictured below during the time as Lieutenants in the US Marine Corps, show the degrees of sophistication that can be taken in pursuit of good coffee in austere environments.

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