As EMG broken the “boring, just another M4” mold with their newest licensed gun from F1 Firearms? Find it out in the latest episode of Redwolf Airsoft TV as your host Marck guides you through the rifle.

EMG has teamed up with F1 to produce the EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AEG training rifle. Built to specifications provided by F1, the BDR-15 retains all of the design and styling cues of its big brother, giving the user a unique and bold platform. Equally at home on the field or in a competition setting, the BDR-15s high efficiency gearbox provides superior performance in all settings. From the skeletonized receiver, to the KeyMod compatible C7K Contoured handguard, the EMG BDR-15 is a faithful recreation of F1s flagship AR15 line.

Get it here >> EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AEG