Now available from Pohl Force is the Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 ES Knife

It´s always a good idea to carry a knife with you specially while you at outdoor adventures. But a good knife shloud be a EDC tool for everybody as well. Pohl Force latest new knife is the Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 ES and below are the full product details for you.

Dear POHL FORCE customers,

for almost a year the Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 was not available. And for a good reason, because we have used the time and improved the knife once again in its functionality and aesthetics. Convince yourself. The Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 ES is available from stock.

The Bravo One Outdoor is one of the most successful models of the company POHL FORCE.

With the upgrade to the 3rd generation in 2015, the model has got a better handle and a more powerful steel. Nevertheless, international customers have repeatedly asked us to open the blade of the Outdoor model in the same way as the Survival model with only one hand. We are now addressing this issue with a system expansion.

Now the Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 ES can also be used as a onehand opening knife. At the same time we switched the surface of the blade from satin finish to bead-blasted, which gives the knife a much more attractive look. All other features of the 3rd generation will remain unchanged, why we are talking about an extended system (ES), not of a new generation.

Bravo One Outdoor Gen3 ES
Best.-Nr.: (stock no.) #1049ES
Preis (retail price) 155,00 €

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