WAVE 2 tickets available today the 6th November at 20:00 CET!!!

Waiting list available if/when WAVE 2 tickets sold out!!!

Let us briefly describe our new feature Border War MILSIM waiting list.

Due to extreme interest in our events we have decided to created this feature in order to help us with solutions for people who didn’t manage to register for the event due to registration overcapacity reasons.

As we have stated before, we have limited capacity for the event, but it doesn’t mean that if there is players who want to attend our events we might be able to come out with some solutions.

How does it work.

In the case Wave 2 tickets get sold out and you will not manage to register, you can register in to the waiting list.

Make sure you fill in correctly all data in the waiting list registration form – including how many previous events you attended, if you bring vehicles, if you want to be platoon leader and so on.

Once being in the waiting list you are not required to make any payments etc… because waiting list is not stating any prices.

If later on there will be free space to joint BW6 event, when there will be some unpaid tickets removed, etc… we will notify people on the waiting list with exact information, with further steps how to register for BW6.

Waiting list is a separate registration from BW6 registration you will not find yourselves among BW6 registered players, once being on the waiting list.

Waiting list is valid until BW6 start.


BW Crew