There are so many combat boots out there on the market and you don´t know which ones are the best for you? Are you looking for standard issued boots or custom ones as you see them on pic´s from SOF Operators? Universal to use in summer or winter time? Lightweight as possible or made by hard leather? Puh man – we mean you can spend endless time to find the right one and then there comes another one!

But today we give you a little support and show you one very good boot which you can use in summer and winter game time altogether. The Salomon Quest 4D GTX are bad for running & worse for fighting… ähm sorry those are the combat flip flops! again – The Salomon Quest 4D GTX are popular hiking boots, proofed by lot´s of hiker and the Navy SEALs! As you can see in our entry (so you wanna have… Navy SEAL GEAR) the SEAL on the pics wear these boots. The guys at militarymorons has reviewed the boots last year and here is the link to the review. We don´t want to give you another new one because this is good enough to learn more about it. 😉

Specially up at our pictures are the “Hazard4 blood-type markers” made by rubber. This is a good feature for all you MilSim & Reenactment guys out there or for everyone who wants to have his own bloodgroup visible for all. You can buy it here for example.

Click here to read the review.