Introducing | The new Blue Force Gear Belt Fed Loop (BFL).

The BFL (Belt Fed Loop) offers a loop-and-lock attachment system for securing the weapon sling to the rifle. The forged aluminum body makes it the toughest and most resistant to heat hardware from the entire BFG sling loop series.

This design allows for the same versatility found in the Universal Wire Loop, without needing to remove the weapon sling completely from the hardware for attachment purposes.

The Belt Fed Loop’s nylon coated stainless steel wire loops through eyelets, slots and other attachment points, making it a quick and easy addition. This simplicity, strength and versatility in the BFL quick attachment system makes it a must have for the arsenal.

Designed specifically for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), M240, and the FN Minimi as the best front attachment hardware to resist melting from “going hot”.

The BFL’s forged aluminum body is best combined with the Nomex front webbing found on the Vickers M249 SAW Sling or Vickers M240 Sling to farther resist heat. The Belt Fed Loop also works universally on M4 / M16 handguards, SCAR, SIG, HK, AK or other eyelets.

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