Blue Force Gear Releases Limited Edition AK Sling Version 6.

This AK sling with never before released Ranger Green webbing is the sixth edition to the Limited Edition AK Sling line. Inspired by the slings originally issued on Eastern Bloc AK-47s, this Limited Edition version Standard AK Sling was designed to be simple, durable, functional, and economical.

Built with a leather pull tab, the ULoop sling attachment component, and the quality you’ve come to expect from the Vickers Combat Application Sling™, this limited edition AK sling is nothing like you’ve ever seen before!

This limited edition AK Sling comes with the ULoop – a quick attach wire loop – onto the front of the sling, which eliminates loud, jangly sling attachments, hooks that eat up aluminum and plastic eyelets, or hardware pieces that take too long to attach and remove.

We started with the Vickers Sling™ platform; with over 250,000 in use across all branches of service. The Limited Edition AK Sling Version 6 can be instantly lengthened and shortened with no sling tail to get caught or parts to break. This allows close, secure weapon retention that can be carried all day, but instantly lengthened to be shouldered and fired without removing the weapon or untangling the sling. The sling can be sized to the individual, with or without body armor or other gear.