BLUE FORCE GEAR // Kryptek Vickers Slings

BLUE FORCE GEARs Vickers Sling is now available for limited time in the Kryptek camos Typhoon and Highlander. So watch out to get yours now!

BLUE FORCE GEAR – Kryptek Vickers Slings


Kryptek Slings

Kryptek weapon slings are now available for a limited time.  The world standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling and the 221 Sling are being built Kryptek Highlander™ and Kryptek Typhon™.  Kryptek Highlander fits perfectly with Highlander uniforms and blends well with Multicam.  Typhon can be matched with black or as a contrast to wolf grey uniforms and gear.

BLUE FORCE GEAR // Kryptek Vickers Slings

These unique and popular patterns are in limited supply and built in two sling variations :  The classic Vickers Sling and the newly released 221 Sling.  Select your sling option and colorway above.

Vickers Sling

The Vickers Combat Applications Sling is the world standard weapon sling and trusted in every branch of the US military.  The Vickers Sling can be instantly lengthened and shortened with no loose tail or mechanical parts.  This allows the user to securely and comfortably carry a rifle slung and with a pull on the quick adjuster, enter a shooting or ready position.  Currently available unpadded with color matched Acetal hardware – a low IR, military grade plastic. Triglides are included on the front and back to attach the sling directly to sling swivels, loops, slots, or other hardware solutions.

BLUE FORCE GEAR // Kryptek Vickers Slings

221 Sling

The 221 Sling combines the simplicity and effectiveness of the Vickers Slings and has the ability to be converted to a single point sling.  The included push button sling swivels attach directly to weapons with push button / QD sling swivel sockets on popular handguards, rails, or UWL-PBs.  By disengaging the front swivel and inserting into the Molded Burnsed Socket on the webbing towards the rear.  This converts the two point sling into a one point sling but still enables the instantaneous adjustment.