You have stacks of new & used mission gear, tactical accessories and parts for your firearms? Let BLKMKT help you turn that gear into cash money.


Over the years we have collected a few bins of gear (hey, who hasn’t). When it came time to selling our old/excess/unused tactical gear (to make room for new stuff, of course!), we came to the realization that the tactical community was missing a real place to exchange their bad ass gear with other like minded people that could appreciate it.


Those stacks of bins, bdu’s and magazines will eventually need to go somewhere…(Yes, we can hear your wife complaining about it from here) With all that in mind, was born. Now you can buy and sell in a space that is designed from the ground up to make it easy to sell, fast to get your cash, and super convenient to find great deals on new gear. BLKMKT is a platform designed to connect you with the tactical community and help showcase your brilliant new products and or help you unload your garage full of used “cool guy” gear. Instead of building your own island on the internet and hoping interested buyers come rushing in with handfuls of cash – list on gear on BLKMKT let us help you sell. This way you can focus your time on building better products or enjoying that bomb beer/coffee/sando.


BLKMKT helps support you and your products with tools and support. Need a mobile ready storefront? Its built in! Email marketing and product announcements? Yup – BLKMKT got that handled.


  • Easily manage your listings
  • Free Photo Hosting
  • Change pricing effortlessly
  • Communicate directly with your customers
  • Manage Inventory seamlessly

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