Mohammad Wali Tasleem – its who we are at BRCC

This new video series from Black Rifle Coffee Company is about who are they and how they care for those who fought with them the war against terror. I personally found this video very interesting to watch and learn and it send a BIG message! If you´re interested to learn more and understand more, I recommend you to watch the video.

Episode 1 – “It’s Who We Are” honors the stories of it’s employees that make up the fabric of Black Rifle Coffee. In this first episode we take a look at Mohammad Wali Tasleem, an Afghan commando, whose compelling journey is nothing short of amazing. From a childhood rife with conflict in his native country, to fighting alongside U.S. Special Forces, then coming to the United States because of the dangers his family faced. Ultimately, Wali found his way back to his brothers at Black Rifle Coffee. This is his story. This is Who We Are.

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