Introducing | The Black Owl Gear – SAS Enhanced Recce Rig.

If you’re looking for a dedicated chest rig that has it all then look no further than the Black Owl Gear Tactical™ SAS Recce Rig. Black Owl Gear Tactical™ has distilled decades of combat zone and manufacturing experience into every product we manufacture.


Featuring proprietary Black Owl Gear manufacturing and stitching techniques combined with only the best battle-tested materials available, the SAS Recce Rig is the rig you want with you on missions where failure is not an option.


Multi-Calibre Mag Pouches
Compatible with a wide range of 5.56 and 7.62 calibre magazines including:

  • AR15
  • G36
  • M14
  • SR25
  • HK417
  • AK
  • And more…

Hydration/Antenna Shoulder Straps
The SAS Recce Rig is designed for a 100oz hydration bladder and includes modular elastic sleeves and velcro straps built into the shoulder straps to feed hydration tubes, or long radio antennas through while still providing quick/easy access when needed.


Pop Flare Pouch
Built-in pop flare holder carries standard military size Pop Flares. Elasticated fabric at the bottom for faster and easier extraction, while remaining extremely sturdy and durable.


Modular Radio/Pistol Pouch
Removeable velcro radio/pistol pouches can be fixed between utility pouches on either side and are compatible with a wide range of large-format military and LE radios and pistols.

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