Introducing | The Black Owl Gear – Reaper Softshell Jacket.

The Reaper Softshell Jacket provides an excellent defense against harsh winds and water, while maintaining excellent breathability due to specialized layers fabrics used in it’s construction.


Featuring superior coverage and protection that you’d usually expect only from a heavier jacket, the Reaper is lightweight, and comfortable while retaining excellent range of motion.

The Reaper Softshell Jacket also features several zip pockets that are perfect for securely storing smaller items while exploring the great outdoors.


The detachable hood design allows you to remove the hood anytime, anywhere, making the jacket incredibly versatile, and suitable for whatever weather you throw at it.

The fully taped zip seams and taped zips ensures that no water or snow can penetrate the jacket through the zippers, making this jacket ideal for wearing out during heavy snow, and rain.








The Reaper has been designed with a heavily protected media pocket for storing your electronics, which features an internal channel for feeding your headphone cables through.

This allows you to run your headphone cable through the inside of the pocket and into the inside of the jacket up to the hood, allowing you to easily listen to music while keeping your electronics and headphones fully protected by the enclosed jacket.




Wrists come in all shapes and sizes, however most jackets only feature a standard wrist size based on the S, M, L and XL.

The Reaper features adjustable velcro wrist straps to allow you to adjust the wrist size and make sure your wrists are protected against rain and snow entering the jacket. The Reaper also features fully-taped seams to ensure there is no possibility of water or snow leaking in through the zippers and seams.




The Reaper also features an athletic, slim-fit design, allowing you to use this as your everyday, go-anywhere jacket.


Whether you’re hiking through heavy rain, fighting your way up snowy mountain ranges, or just heading to the office. The Reaper has been built to be the last all-weather jacket you’ll ever need.

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