Brittney of BFG send over news about a new available product.

The Hive Satchel™ is a collaboration with Chris Costa and Blue Force Gear that finally brings a discreet every day carry bag that doesn’t shout, “this guy probably has a gun.” The Hive Satchel blends in life environments with typical colors and patterns.   No traditional MOLLE webbing is on the exterior of the Hive Satchel – a dead giveaway to the trained eye.  Blue Force Gear warned that they would only produce 300 of each color and they’ve just released the next colorway: three color desert with burnt orange accents.  (Their first Hive Satchel was the classic grey and are almost sold out so if you prefer grey, get yours today because once they’re gone, they’re gone.)

 URL (new pictures will be up at the time of launch):