Blue Force Gear | The most badass AK Sling ever made!

Less than 500 pieces available worldwide! Features never before offered in a BFG Inc. sling. The new and limited edition Vickers AK Sling. If you love your AK, give her a part she will love to wear anytime just for you. Product description as follows below. Get yours now!


blue force gear Vickers AK Sling


When we set out to design the ultimate AK sling there were two main objectives.  First, it had to perform like all of our patented Vickers slings.  Second, it had to be badass.

Over a year in the making, our Limited Edition AK Sling is a combination of innovation, quality, and retro-Soviet accents.

Over 75 million AK’s on planet Earth. Less than 500 of these badass slings. Your heirs will fight over this sling. Don’t wait! Get yours today!


Product overview with Larry Vickers


As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


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