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BEYOND CLOTHING and Orion Design Group teamed up to bring you The LUPUS SYSTEM


beyond lupus systembeyond lupus system


Beyond and Orion Design Group are proud to present 3 new styles featuring the Lupus camouflage pattern by ODG; the A5 Action Shirt, A5 Rig Light Backcountry Pant, and A5 Softshell Beanie. With over fours years of research and development, ODG’s Lupus pattern (Latin for Wolf) has been proven to be an extremely versatile and effective concealment solution in varying outdoor environments.


orion design group lupus system


For those interested in purchasing the entire system, check out the Lupus System page to configure your sizes and receive a bulk discount on all the garments.


Through extensive field testing it was concluded that there is no single or “Universal” pattern that provides optimal concealment in all environments. Following years of research and development in varying light conditions, seasons, and habitats, Orion Design Group’s Lupus (Latin for Wolf) pattern has proven itself as a true “Transitional” camouflage for the respective areas it was designed to excel in.

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