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” It has been fourteen years since I received the satellite call from Afghanistan that started the development of the Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) program. Two months later, I was joined by a group of special operations winter warfare experts and professional alpinists to form the PCU program development team. We met in Bozeman, Montana, and set out to Cooke City for two weeks of rigorous material testing and data collection. The outcome was a seven level layering system that could keep a special operator alive down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beyond Clothing 2016 Lookbook 2

Since that initial PCU system, the technologies have improved while the need for survival systems remains. At BEYOND, we set out to apply these technologies to provide a lighter, warmer, and more compressible system—AXIOS. The AXIOS system continues to evolve with the input of those that live and operate in the worst temperature extremes.

Beyond Clothing 2016 Lookbook 4

In April of 2016, we went back to the original site of the PCU material testing to pay homage to that revolutionary development effort. The imagery in this book retraces the ground that was covered during those two weeks in March 2002. It was special to remember the energy and purpose exuded toward protecting so many warriors and future explorers. We wanted to remember and thank those fifteen special individuals that set our passion for clothing on this path. ”

Richard (Rick) Elder

Original PCU Project Officer, USSOCOM

President, BEYOND

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Beyond Clothing 2016 Lookbook

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