New from BE-X,. The BE-X – SHORTCUT HERSIR Outdoor Knife. The Shortcut HERSIR is the second knife under the BE-X label “SHORTCUT”. This outdoorknife is based on the form and function on the more than 1000 years old Viking knives. With modern materials and accessories BE-X brings it into the 21st century!


The Hersir  was a rank in the Scandinavian area, similar to a nobility, for military commanders. According to the sagas, the Hersir had the command of a caste similar to the centurion of the Roman legion. Hersen were carefully selected by the Jarls and had to work independently on their own. These factors, careful selection and independence, while you stand alone, unites the Hersir knife!


The knife is in fulltang construction, with a blade length of 11cm and a blade thickness of 3.8mm with a max. llade height of 30mm. The 440C steel blade is sanded with a high-speed scandium grind, with a secondary bevel. The ground bevel on the top edge facilitates penetration into cut material. The back of the blade is slightly broken to avoid bubbles, some of the back is ground to allow use with a steel of fire. The fishing rod has an extension on the handle, which can be used as a beating surface! The grip shells of G10 are screwed on and can be exchanged for orange, optionally available here BE-X Grip set for “HERSIR” in Orange.

The Kydex sawmill section comes with a belt system that allows horizontal and vertical belt mounting. In addition, the sheath with the included accessories can also be converted as a low-hanging vagina, alternatively with a quick-release fastener that can be rotated by 180 °. The sheath can be fitted with MOLLE trusses with cable ties! The set also includes the tried and tested fire steel of the Allemans knife, which is mounted using two screws.

The knife is ideal as an outdoor, survival and insert knife. Tthe accessories allow versatile wearing and thanks to the compact design, the knife can be carried in Germany also on hiking tours.


  • Blade length: 11cm
  • Grip length: 11cm
  • Total length: 23cm
  • Total weight: 340g
  • Weight: 185g

VIDEO – SHORTCUT Hersir Outdoor Knife