This morning, a rather mysterious video from Begadi has popped up in our social media feeds. Begadi has announced a cooperation with Schwaben Arms (SAR) and is likely to sell/produce Airsoft variants of the G3 Rifle and MP5 submachine gun.

Sadly, no more intel is available to date and we hope to get more intel as soon as possible.

In the past there has been only one company to produce licensed SAR replicas – Classic Army. The G3 fan-base is huge and there’s quite a demand for this family of rifles around the world.


UPDATE 11.05.2015

Hello, last weekend we catched your attention, now we want to resolve the riddle: As many have already guessed, a partnership between BEGADI and SCHWABEN ARMS was negotiated. This worldwide exclusive license of the renowned gunsmiths from the Schwarzwald will allow us in the future, to produce high-quality Airsoft replicas, based on the SAR models, which you exclusively get in our shop. If you are from a foreign region, your trusted retailer can contact Begadi for a retailers partnership! We have won well-known manufacturers such as ICS, Classic Army, WE Tech, SHS / PPS and many more as partners for this cooperation! The details as well as a glimpse of what will come in the future, can be found in the press release that you can download here!

Be sure to check out the offical press release including some upcoming models!