Call it Black Friday or Cyber Monday or whatever sale!

The guys over at Begadi just informed us about a sale they are running on their poular Commando Tarp in 5 Farben Felcktarn. 70€ instead of 100€! Sounds fair to me and it´s always the right time to gear-up for the next outdoor season isn´t it.

Our Commando Tarp is the next evolution of our Pocket Tarp, now manufactured entirely in Germany from high quality materials, with the feedback of the german military community in mind!

For the tarp we use Ripstop Nylon 70D, specially made for us, in the current camouflage print 5 colors, of the german Army.

The fabric was equipped with IRR protection according to TL 8305-0290 (paragraph 2.3.4) of the German Armed Forces, so that the ligt-return/reflection, when, when subject to IR lightening/NVGs, correspondes to the camouflage standards of the Bundeswehr (german army). The coloring is also adapted to the TL (german milspecs) for camouflage printing the 5 color print, but depending on the light incidence, slight deviations can occur due to material and coating.

The webbing for the loops, produced in Germany, is certified with TL 8305-0281 for use in the german armed forces.

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