BE-X FronTier One – New field pants & combat shirt

The guys at BE-X teased us for a while and now, their new and redesigned products are here. Learn more about them and if you speak or understand German language, a video is attachted to this article as well.

BE-X FronTier One

“Hello everybody, we’ve been tempting you the last few days – and now the time has come to reveal: The BE-X FronTier One series reboots with the field pants, the combat shirts and the Pencot Windproof Combatshirt!

New cut, some new colors, new materials – all this is the start-off signal for our new clothing series and is just the beginning! The other main colors will follow shortly, the olive fcombat shirts are already shipping.

We have kept you waiting for a long time – but we can say with confidence: It was worth it!”

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