B5 Systems introduces the new innovative B5 SopMob Butt Stock!

The Powerful new design gives more flexibility and adjustment…. Making you more effective in any situation!
Due to the unique missions and demanding needs of the Special Forces, The “American Made” B5 SopMob Butt Stock was born(birthed)…..
Developed to meet the extreme requirements of military professionals and diehard firearm enthusiasts!
B5 System’s long history as a desired defense contractor, has proven their commitment to bringing the highest quality products to the needs of our national security and war-fighting
What’s the evidence of B5 System’s commitment to quality and our US missions you ask….. IN 2009, B5 Systems was selected as the supplier of the SOPMOD Butt Stock for the United States Army!
Building upon it’s history of serving the Defense Sector and it’s renewed commitment to bringing the best products to market…. B5 Systems is PROUD to it’s Enhanced SopMod Butt Stock!