ADS and B.E. Meyers are pleased to present the IZLID family of IR laser pointers and illuminators. These IR lasers are used by every branch of the U.S. military, and provide a single solution for weapons aiming, target illumination, and communicating intent with other fire elements on the ground and in the air. The video shows footage from Iraq and training ranges to highlight the IZLID 200P and the IZLID Ultra and how they enhance accuracy at longer ranges for crew served weapons in low light and night conditions. It also demonstrates the use of the IZLID family of products on helicopters for both door guns and installed weapons, and how the lasers can be used to communicate and coordinate Air Ground Integra.

Used extensively by Special Forces units, and standard equipment for all JTACs, the IZLID line of IR lasers provides a critical tool to support long range weapon aiming, delivers unparalleled illumination for night time reconnaissance and surveillance, and is the standard tool for coordinating close air support. Many JTACs carry two different IZLID products, the 195 mW IZLID 200P for immediate coordination with helicopters, and the 1,000 mW IZLID Ultra or IZLID 1000 for communication and directing aviation assets at greater distances. Rugged enough to be used for weapon aiming on the M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun and mini guns, but light enough to be mounted on individual weapons or used by hand, the IZLID 200P and IZLID Ultra are versatile, dependable, and powerful IR lasers “battle field proven and ready to deliver a tactical advantage today.”