Check out the cool new laser products from B.E. MEYERS.

ADS and B.E. Meyers proudly present the GLARE line of products, the only non-lethal Escalation-of-Force lasers certified for use by all US service branches, and winner of the recent US Army GLIS program. The video shows the use of the GLARE MOUT Plus at a Traffic Control Point (TCP), and how use of this non-lethal laser enables the TCP to engage the vehicle at a safe distance and determine the intent of the approaching vehicle. It also shows the impact of the green laser on the vehicle’s driver, highlighting the visual effect and displaying how it shields the TCP operators from being accurately seen and targeted. The EoF laser is that key step between shout and shoot that gives our forces the early and clear indication of an approaching vehicle’s intent and time to react appropriately. This video highlights how GLARE products save lives by providing an alternative to firing warning shots and creating a clear and compelling non-verbal message that gets the attention of people approaching the TCP.

Also shown is the LA-9/P and the GLARE Enforcer. The LA-9/P is the primary non-lethal EoF laser used by the US Marine Corps and Navy, and the most powerful EoF laser available. It provides greater than 1,500 meters of stand-off range in daylight, 4,000 meters at night, and it is the only non-lethal military laser that incorporates a safety control module to secure the laser, should anyone enter into the eye hazard area. The GLARE Enforcer is the newest addition to the family, and it is the only non-lethal device with FDA approval to be used by law enforcement organizations. It also incorporates B.E. Meyers’ patented safety control module to ensure the device does not cause any eye injury in the course of use.