Introducing | The Avatar Grenade a new modular gas Grenade for Airsoft.

The Avatar grenade is an advanced grenade as we decided to feature a new mode of impact mecanism which has to be reliable but still efficient.

avatar grenade 2

The Avatar grenade has all of his internal parts machined at a fine precision so that every pieces could work smoothly. It also allows everyone to disassemble the grenade for a easier maintenance. We’ve worked for a very long time on the Avatar grenade internal and external design to improve spaces and functionality. Though the standard product general aesthetic isn’t far from what we could find on the best well-known games, the Avatar grenade changes everything with our patented pending Skinz System.

avatar grenade

With the Avatar Grenade, we’ve met the idea that we have to improve our favourite game. So come the idea of an adaptive grenade which could have fondamentally the same abilities as the existing ones but adding the opportunity for each player to customize his own grenade with his own way of playing. What would you do if you had the possibility to change the number of bbs carried in your grenade? Changing in the same time the power and the effective field? Would you like an accessory that resemble you more?

In a near future we promise you a lot LOT of Skinz, colors and parts to customize your every grenade.


  • A rotative button to arm and disarm the grenade so that you can gain time between game sessions.
  • The Skinz system allowing you to change the shape and specs of the grenade in few seconds.
  • The possibility to customize your grenade in changing seals, arming button, anodised parts… etc, moreover we will develop a MilSim kit including spoon and pin.
  • Each Skinz are realised by a Design studio.
  • Major parts are machined in order to have the best quality possible.

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