NPO AEG goes HPA with their VKS Rifle

Dear friends, NPO “AEG” is glad to present to your attention airsoft version of the rifle VKS (Vintovka Krupnokalibernaya Specialnaya – Rifle Large Caliber Special).

Due to its characteristics, this product can be called unique. VKS “Vykhlop” by NPO “AEG” is currently the only airsoft product equipped with a unique “Autonomous HPA” system, which does not change the appearance of the original rifle in any way.

What is “Autonomous HPA”?

A typical HPA product is powered by an external compressed air tank, which is connected to it by a pipe. “Autonomous HPA” is when the tank has no manifold and is attached most often instead of a stock. In both cases, the original look of a copy of a particular weapon is severely impaired. This, in our opinion, is one of the reasons why peoples refuse to use HPA systems, in favor of AEG or gas versions.

VKS “Vykhlop” from the NGO “AEG” combines the advantages of the HPA system without damaging the look.
The idea to enclose the tank to power the HPA system inside the product came up long ago. But only recently we found the performer of this difficult task. He was the developer and manufacturer of the Russian HPA systems “Electronics” and “Mechanic” Dmitry Yu. He took up the development and manufacture of a unique tank, and adaptation of his HPA system “Electronics” for our product. The company NPO “AEG” in turn has developed the layout and look of the product.

The rifle is equipped with an internal 300 cm3 tank, which is enough for about 800 shots at 555 FPS or 1500 shots at 460 FPS. The tank is located in a mock silencer. As with the original rifle, the silencer casing is made of fibreglass. This resulted in significant weight savings, which had a positive impact on the overall balance of the rifle. The silencer looks very impressive and powerful without falling forward at all. At the same time, the product is quite light for its size. Its weight is only 4.5 kg.

In addition to the unique tank, the product has several other interesting features.

The HPA system is connected to the hop-up chamber by means of a special sleeve pipe. This solution ensures their perfect coaxial alignment. Also, if necessary, this sleeve allows to precisely adjust the length of the Nozzle to the rubber band of the hop-up.

Initially, for the product we chose single firing with the bolt twitching between shots like the original one. For this purpose, trigger with the disjunctor was designed and manufactured. But after full-sized tests, the complex trigger was abandoned. We thought it would be more valuable for the players to be able to instantly adjust the shooting, rather than “entourage twitching”. Thus, the firing mode is single, without the bolt twitching.

Externally, the product completely repeats the original. Plastic molded stock, with a cheek piece and a rubber buttplate. Folding sights and height-adjustable diopter rear sight. As with the original, the bolt handle has two spring-loaded buttons.

The rifle is fitted with sliding, folding bipod, which hide in the handguard. The capacity of the plastic magazine – 50 BBs.
Thus, the Autonomous HPA VKS “Vykhlop” is the first full-fledged sniper rifle in the arsenal of NPO “AEG”. We hope fans of this kind of product will enjoy it.

Autonomous HPA VKS “Vykhlop
– Weight: 4,5 kg.
– Length: 1125 mm.
– Electro-pneumatic HPA System (Battery 7.4 V not included)
– Tank installed in mock silencer
– Tank capacity is enough for about 1500 shots with 460 FPS or 800 with 555 FPS
– Power adjustable up to 3 Joules
– Inner Barrel 6.02×650 mm
– Magazine capacity: 50 BBs
– Fire mode: semi-auto
– Chamber Hop-up for AK-series