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Atlas Dynamic Defense releases the Harbinger knife. A purposefully overbuilt fixed combat blade.

The Harbinger is the flagship offering from Atlas Dynamic Defense. Built from Crucible CPM S30V in a state of the art facility before being treated in a -300deg Deep-Cryo bath and hardened to a 57-58 Rockwell the Harbinger is designed to be the go-to field knife for legit operators in the field. The Harbinger is well balanced and deceptively comfortable in the hand.

Atlas Dynamic Defense - The Harbinger

As with ALL Atlas Dynamic Defense knives the scales are user serviceable and removable without the use of specialized tooling. To remove, change the scales or 550 wrap the handle the user can simply use a coin, rifle/pistol cartridge or other flat object to spin the exterior hardware. It simple, quick and can be done in the field. Each knife can be lashed to a pole or made into a spear easily in extreme survival situations.

Atlas Dynamic Defense - The Harbinger 2

Credentialed government purchasing agents and logistics officers may special request this item be sourced from a NON-US made materials and sterilized” with no logos/markings. Includes a custom US made kydex sheath valued at $55.


  • Make: Harbinger Standard
  • Style: Fixed
  • Steel: CPM S30v
  • Rockwell Hardness: 57-58 HRC
  • Overall Length: 9.75″
  • Blade Length: 4.90″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.20″
  • Overall Thickness: 0.67″
  • Weight: 317.37 g / 11.2 oz
  • Scales: Micarta or G-10
  • Warranty: LIFETIME WARRANTY against material defects.

Built to the most demanding standards, the Harbinger is Atlas Dynamic Defense’s debut to the tactical knife community. This knife has been field tested in the rugged environment of the Southern Appalachians and is currently being tested in the jungles of Central America. Specifically designed for U.S. and NATO combat troops this blade can be ordered either as a standard marked or sterilized item. We are currently providing pre-order authorization for government contractors, logistics officers, LEO’s and documented First Responders.

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