Introducing | The Atlas – ACHILLES Trauma Kit Ankle Band Gen.4

The ACHILLES™ Trauma Kit Ankle Band has been recently upgraded for enhanced retention and improved fit for Duty and EDC. Conceived and created by a career Army Combat and LE Patrol Sergeant more than a decade ago, every Band is hand-crafted in Oregon.

Lightweight yet rugged, each ACHILLES™ is built utilizing the highest quality and most robust 5” woven elastic available. Our goal with the ACHILLES™ is to provide first responders and diligent shooters the ability to instantly access essential tools for hemorrhage control to treat bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries.

Each Band measures 16″ x 5″ and features a bottom-notched primary pocket to fit a variety of trauma dressings, bandages & hemostatics, a dedicated pocket for tourniquets and an integral tarpaulin sleeve for the Benchmade Rescue 8-Hook or trauma shears. The Gen 4 also features a laser-cut Hypalon panel, which can be used to attach a variety of additional pouches.

It’s there if you need it, to add a second tourniquet, a handgun mag, flashlight, etc. We have also seen needle decompression kits, chest seals, knives, flashlights, cuff keys and many other accessories intelligently incorporated into the exisitng sleeves and pockets of the ACHILLES™.