Round 27 of the German Airsoftmag. With the second part about the US Marines in Iraq 2003, this chapter of the main article can be closed with many different gear, reenactment and historical information about the USMC 1st Recon. As always they tested guns and equipment and played with a real HK416 in .223, which was strongly modified and won a contest of HK USA. The online issue can be read priceless on – it supports PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android based devices. Have fun with it! Content: DoNots ASM Filmtipp – Die Neunte Kompanie Panzerfaust 3EX USMC 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Irak 2003 – Teil II Golden Horizon 2013 Playground Heroes – Daniel / Jean-Jack USMC Hot Weather Combat Boot Gletcher Airsoft – Makarow, Tokarew & Stechkin Garmin Foretrex 401 Gewinnspiel German GunWorks Keiler ASM Hausteam.

ASM Issue 27