ASG Announces new Licensing Agreements with VLTOR | Abrams Airborne Manufacturing Inc. and Arsenal JSC.

In spite of summer- and holiday season. ActionSportGamesO (ASG) has been working hard and signed two new exclusive licenses.

One of the new licenses is with the world-renowned Bulgarian manufacturer Arsenal JSC. Arsenal JSC is a modern innovative company that designs. manufactures and trades small arms, artillery armaments and ammunition. Arsenal 15C can date its roots back to 1878. when the company was founded in Bulgaria as the first factory meant to serve the newly created Bulgarian army.

The second license signed is with US based Vitor Weapons Systems and Abrams Airborne Manufacturing lnc. Vitor is committed to continually growing their product line in order to provide endvusers with the most robust. well performing weapons in the market and take pride in their high quality innovative solutions delivered to the weapons industry.

Over the years. ASG has had a continued focus on expanding relations and building partnerships with international firearms and accessories manufacturers and producers opening up new possibilities and exposing the company as a professional partner through close collaboration on projects within their field A56 is proud of each new license signed and partner added – proving that the efforts pay off. and that A56 is indeed perceived as the claimed professional business partner.

With these two new licenses. ASG strengthens its portfolio of international license partners, consolidating ActionSportGamesO as one of the world’s leading brands within the business of replica firearms and accessories manufacturing – including Airsoft guns, Airguns and Co2 guns.