Available now at Emperion – V.2 (M4) & V.3 (AK) ASCU Gen5

As functions in Gen5´s nothing really new to the world of airsoft, Airsoft Systems just have completely reworked the hardware and the software and they have improved the reliability of the units and so the compatibility with the lower quality motors and batteries is now better then before whoch is nice.

The ASCU is so small that it fits inside a Version 3 gearbox and it acts like a computerized MOSFET system making your AEG fire with precision which could be compared with a PTW.
It’s all computer controlled and has sector gear monitoring so one trigger pull is a complete cycle making it have a realistic, crisp trigger. It’s compatible with LiPo, LiFe, NiMH,NiCd from 7.2 – 12 Volts.

You can change firing modes such as:

  • Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst + Full Auto
  • Safe + Semi + Full Auto (The usual)
  • Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst (Like a real M16)
  • Safe + Semi Only (If skirmish areas have a certain rule)
  • AK-Modes – with reversed Semi and Full Auto positions

What is new in it:
1. New MosFet transistors with 16 times less resistance, resulting in to faster cycle, better active brake, more shots per battery charge and less heat
2. New very strong trigger switch
3. New reinforced design with full polymer encasing
4. Better short-circuit protection
5. Easier installation
6. Updated software with easier programing (accidental hop-up program activation is impossible)
7. Improved cut-off lever
8. Improved selector plate
9. Fits all standard and reinforced version 2 gearboxes
10. 3 year world wide warranty

Grab yours here >> www.emperionstore.com/ascu_gen.5